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About Us

About us

On The Spot Photo Magnets launched to help you showcase memories seamlessly. A professional photographer is provided to mingle among your guests to snap amazing photos at your special event. Once photos are collected, they are passed to an on-site production team, who transfer the images onto high-quality magnets for your guests to take home as party favors.

You and your loved ones can share your magnetic memories on any metallic surface in your home, car, or anywhere else that will display that kickin’ time you had with your friends and family.

On The Spot Photo Magnets believes every occasion should be remembered. Our service offers instant, unlimited magnet production and photo-sharing––all done in real time––and our friendly staff will customize and frame your photos just as you want them!

On The Spot Photo Magnets provides affordable party favors services, and best of all, you get instant results!

Why us

Would you like a better way to preserve your special memories? Do you own a phone, camera or computer containing photographs that have never been printed? What about old photo albums? How often do you take time to open them and enjoy what’s inside? More often than not, old photo albums go unopened for years.

On The Spot Photo Magnets offers a new way of cherishing the moment with our top of the line professional team including: photographers, graphic designers, as well our high-quality equipment suitable for any event.

We pride ourselves on quality, prompt and genuine customer service. Our mission is to take your event to the next level and make it truly unique and memorable. With our instant onsite photo magnet production, your guests will be happy to receive and take home the perfect keepsake.


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